Cleveland Heights Municipal Court

Statement of Rights and Responsibilites

  1. I have the right to be represented by and attorney even if I intend to plead guilty. I have the right to appointed counsel (provided at no cost to me) if I cannot afford my own attorney and my case is one in which jail time can be imposed. The rights to appointed counsel DOES NOT apply to a minor traffic violation for which this court does not impose jail time. I have the right to a continuance or a reasonable delay in the case in order to get an attorney.


  2. I have the right to a jury trial in serious offenses. I have a right to jury trial for a petty offense if my case is one in which jail time can be imposed, if I make a written jury demand at least 10 days before trial or 3 days after getting notice of the trial date, whichever is later. My right to a jury trial in serious offenses can only be waived in writing. 


  3. A plea of GUILTY is a complete admission of guilt. A plea of NO CONTEST is not an admission of guilt but an admission that the facts contained in the complaint are true. A plea of no contest cannot be used against me in another proceeding. A plea of NOT GUILTY is a complete denial of guilt. 


  4. If I plead GUILTY or NO CONTEST to a charge I give up my right to the following: 

       •  to a trial by jury-per number 2;

       •  to call witnesses;

       •  to compel or require witnesses to appear on my behalf;

       •  to confront prosecution witnesses; and

       •  to require the City or State to prove the charges against me beyond a reasonable doubt. 


  1. I have the right NOT to testify on my own behalf at trial and that fact that I do testify cannot be held against me.


  2. I have the right to bail for all bail able offenses.


  3. I have the right to remain silent at any point in the proceedings as anything I say may be used against me. 


  4. If I am NOT A CITIZEN of the United States and I plead GUILTY or NO CONTEST to a criminal charge, I may be subject to deportation, exclusion from admission to the United States or denial of naturalization pursuant to the laws of the United States. 


  5. In traffic cases, the court must report a conviction of a moving violation to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and points may be charged against my license as a result.


    I hereby state that I have and understand the above information.   


      Date:  January 23, 2014