Cleveland Heights Municipal Court


Civil Matters

Generally, a civil case is one in which one entity sues another entity to recover money. Eviction hearings are also included in the court's civil docket. In this court one can file claims seeking recovery up to $15,000.

Small Claims Court is also a part of this court's Civil Division. It is designed to handle small matters in the simplest manner possible. Recovery in a small claims action is limited to $3,000. Usually you do not need a lawyer to file a small claims action, but you may have one represent you if you wish. This web site offers a Guide to Small Claims Court. You may also obtain a pamphlet with the same information from the court.

Criminal Matters

A criminal case is one brought by the State or The City of Cleveland Heights which charges that the defendant violated the law. This court only handles misdemeanors. In other words, criminal cases in which the maximum jail sentence does not exceed one year.

Housing court cases and traffic court cases are both criminal in nature. However, in general, with some exceptions, they are handled on their own separate dockets.