Cleveland Heights Municipal Court

Criminal/Traffic F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

What must I do when I come to the Court as specified by my citation, assignment notice, letter, or cash bond form?

Report to the Bailiffs station for direction for the courtroom number in which your hearing will be held, report to the courtroom and check in with the Deputy Bailiff on duty.

When appearing at the Bailiffs Station you must properly identify yourself.

    • DO NOT use a nickname or alias

      • Have ID with you

        • Use the same spelling as listed on your paperwork

          • If the name or address is incorrect, ADVISE the court so it may be corrected

            What must I bring to Court?

             You must bring any relevant paperwork having to do with your case, such as:

              • Copy of Citation

                • Any written communication from the Court

                  • Bond papers and receipt

                    • Documents of Proof for Compliance of Judicial Order or sentence

                      • Adequate funds to pay fines and costs, which are due the day you appear

                        How long should I plan to be in Court?

                         As a defendant, expect to be in Court for a substantial portion of the day to take care of all possible matters.

                        What are the different possible hearings?

                          • Arraignment - Reading of your Constitutional Rights, reading of the charges, entering a plea.

                            • Pretrial Hearing - A conference between parties (Prosecutor, and Defendant or Attorney for Defendant) regarding the settlement of the case.

                              • Trial - The examination of the evidence and the decisions of the issues of law by a Judge or Jury to determine guilt or innocence.

                                • Post Judgment Hearing - Any hearing after sentencing that would require a modification, review or change in the Court's Order.

                                  See Schedule Fees for Court Costs for all Criminal and Traffic Cases (including charges that can be waived). These costs CANNOT be waived if a person is found guilty, unless the court makes a determination that the person is indigent.

                                  If you go to trial there may be additional costs incurred for subpoenas; witness fees; etc.

                                  Sorry we do not accept payments over the phone or internet at this time. Please make payments in person, by mail or the drop box located in front of Cleveland Heights City Hall. 
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